Top-Rated IT Services in 2018

The fastest and the most advanced growing sector is the IT sector. IT is now considered the center of all the businesses so this current period is best of all for the IT sector. The adaptation of IT has grown over the year’s thus giving boost to IT sector. The new additions like cloud and mobility are at the top services now. All business and non-business related companies have adopted IT services of all kind that basically includes the conventional and the modern technology services.

The top rated IT services can only be offered by some top rated IT companies

•    IBM

IBM stands for an international business machine is the largest IT Company of the world that has been able to provide the top rated IT services with it all over the world 400000 employees and headquarters in Armonk, US.

IBM first came into being in 1911 as CTR the computing tabulating and recording company. It has now spread its operations across 175 different countries. IBM has been able to work tremendously towards its innovative services and thus was able to use well the 26000 patents in the US and was able to win 5 Nobel prizes.

IBM and its innovation center were able to gain more light the creation of tabulator printer, the HDD and the floppy discs which were later followed by the production of great invention like personal computers and operating systems by 1970.

IBM was able to focus more on its software and consultancy services by selling out the PC division to Lenovo by 2000. IBM is now the biggest host of 97% of worldwide bank’s online transactions and much more, the banks by then were dependent on IBM for many of their activities.


Microsoft generally known as the MS has brought a revolution in the field of computer technology by emerging as the biggest manufacturer of the software in the world, the reason it was named as MS was the development of Microsoft computer and the software

It has evolved a lot from windows operating systems to the surface tablets. The founder of this company is bill gates and Paul Allen and its main headquarter lies in Redmond, Washington.

Microsoft provides other IT services like MS office, digital services market, windows OS and of course the smartphones. Microsoft to avoid the outsourcing from IBM began to develop their own operating systems known as the Microsoft Windows.

There are more than 400 million devices around the world being occupied with the latest window10; this is a very high adoption rate. There other services and inventions include;

  • The development of Microsoft word, excel and power point which has been able to gain around 840 million users
  • Xbox is a video game brand which was introduced by MS, this has been able to face the growth rate of 33% annually
  • They are also a big manufacturer of cloud computing and the tablets which aim to empower the world and has also come out to produce a revenue of 51529 million dollars.