TheOneSpy Review Computer Monitoring Software:

It is one of the contemporary and well-known monitoring software for MAC laptops and PCs. The user can view all the activities happen on the MAC laptops/PCs along with the complete time stamp. If you are looking forward to monitoring MAC devices, then you need to install the TheOneSpy MAC spy software on your target device. It has one of the most powerful and efficient features which enable a user to get their hands on each and every single activity performed by the target user. Let’s discuss all the features of world’s powerful MAC tracking software.


The screen is one of the most important elements of any device or gadget. It provides an output all the commands made by the user and screen provides it in the shape of visuals. So, if a user gets success to monitor the screen and record activities happen on the device screen, it means you have viewed what is really a target user is doing on the device. Screen recording is the best tool of MAC monitoring software that enables a user to record the activities of a screen in the shape of short videos along with the compete time stamp. The user can view the entire screen recording by getting access to the dashboard of the MAC tracking software.

MIC bug

It enable a user listen to and record  surrounding sounds by getting control on the MIC of  MAC computer or laptop machine. User just have to install the tracking software for MAC device on the target device and login into control panel send command on the device and then start listening and record the surrounding sounds of a target MAC machine along with the complete time stamp. User can record the sounds for 1 minute, 3 minutes and 5 minutes.

Camera Bug

Similar to the MIC bug, the camera bugging of the MAC surveillance program enables a user to take photos in order to know who is running the target device at the moment. It allows a user to make photos by getting control on front camera of the device in order to know who is actually operating your target MAC device. Install the spy software for MAC machines and get to know who is on your target device by visiting the dashboard to view captured photos.


The user can use it to get access to the target device such as unlock the desktop login, messenger login, Email login and SMS keystrokes applied while texting. The user just needs to install the MAC computer tracking software. Then you will be able to get access all the keystrokes applied on the target device. The user will be able to get keystrokes such as password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and email keystrokes. Now the user has the power to get access to the messenger by using messenger login keystrokes, to get access to the email account of a user having email keystrokes and last but not the least get access to the content produced by the target user in the shape of SMS.

 Website Blocking

Users have open choice to block all the inappropriate websites running on the target MAC device. The website blocking of MAC spy program enables a user to view and block the website which is not encouraging stuff for target users. So, it allows a user to block the websites by putting URLs of all the inappropriate websites into the filters.

Screen Recording

Now you can record the activities running on the target computer machine screen. Install the powerful monitoring app for computer devices and then do screen recording remotely and get to know what sort of activities are being performed by the user on the MAC device in the shape of short videos. The user can view all the screen recording videos by getting access into the MAC spy app control panel.