Digital Marketing Agency vs. Traditional Marketing Agency

The online world is creating a considerable impact on the way we do business and behave as consumers.  Businesses that have no strong online presence are missing a lot of opportunities.  Some business still prefers the use of the traditional marketing over digital marketing.  In order to help them decide which one is apt for their business, we decided to compare the traditional and digital marketing agency.

Traditional or Digital Marketing Agency:  Which Is Better?

To help you see the bigger picture, here is a detailed comparison between these two types of marketing agency.

Playing Field

In terms of the playing field, the digital marketing agency can help you compete with the other bigger players in the industry regardless of the size of your company.  This simply means that the digital world provides a levelled playing field.  With regards to the traditional marketing, a small local company will struggle in matching the resources and quality of the bigger companies.


We all know that 15 seconds of advertisement on the national television or even on a radio is expensive.  Print advertisement can also cost significantly high especially for the smaller business.  The digital marketing agency will help you increase your online visibility for only a minimum cost.  A lot of companies have now acknowledged the capacity of online advertisement to replace the traditional channels such as magazine, radio, and television.

Measuring the Effectiveness of the Strategy

The traditional marketing agency will not be able to provide you with real-time data to tell you if your strategy is effective or not.  On the other hand, digital marketing agency can supply you with essential information that will allow you to adjust your marketing strategy effortlessly and achieve a better outcome.  For instance, using Google Analytics will let you measure your traffic.  There are also e-mail marketing tool that can measure the percentage of converting, reading and opening your message.  You will not have to wait for weeks just to receive the essential data.  You will be able to see the increase in your number of visitors and audience in an instant.


The digital marketing agency will charge you with a minimum fee when marketing your business worldwide.  Try doing that in the traditional marketing and see how much it will cost you to reach your international audience.  In addition, after your website has been optimised with the right set of keywords and you rank higher at the SERP, it can provide you a long-term ROI.  Maintaining your rank at the search engine site will also cost low.

Finally, with the digital marketing agency, they can encourage the followers, audience, and prospects to conduct an action such as visiting your official site, clicking on a link, rating your business, posting a review, downloading information about your product and others.  This means that they have more control on the marketing strategy compared to the traditional form of advertisement.  These are just some of the reasons why digital marketing is more preferred by most company.