3 important facts related to SEO

Instead of hiring a team of marketing managers and executives, if you will invest few amounts on SEO, then the results are much more impressive. Well, if your business is based on the web platform, then SEO is the ultimate marketing solution for you. Along with good brand visibility on the web, you can also assure improved sales and revenues with the help of SEO.

Indeed, SEO greatly helps the online enterprises in building a unique and attractive impression on the web.SEO is a very vast concept, and there are a lot of things associated with SEO. To make you aware of the important core concepts of SEO, here some necessary facts have been mentioned below. It is recommended to go through all the below facts, before availing SEO services Mumbai.

  • 60% of the clicks are maintained on the first page –

Being a customer, how many times have you visited the second page of search engine results, to avail a product or service? Well, on an average, no one switches to the second page of the search engine for the services or products. Recently, a statistic report explained that 60% of the World Wide Web clicks are maintained on the first page of the search engine results. So, if you are not listed on the first page, then you are losing business and profits. SEO plays an important role in the positioning of the web pages on the first page.

  • The results associated with SEO are permanent –

SEO is an organic process, in which the keywords associated with the web pages are being optimised for the search engines. It takes three to four months to optimise all the keywords, so it is not a one night’s work. But the results are worth the time and amount invested on SEO. You can also say that the results are permanent as the rankings and visibility of your web pages will be maintained for a long time.

  • Customers trust the results of SEO –

SEO is purely designed by Google, so all the rules and regulations are set by Google itself. If you think, you will use ill methods and can manage a visibility on the first page of the SERPs; then you are totally wrong. Google does not tolerate any ill strategies and prefers to ban the web pages involved with such activities. Well, this is the main reason why customers blindly trust the results on the first page. So, if you want a proper visibility on the first page of the SERPs, then make sure that the SEO strategies are maintained appropriately.

If you want to ensure the above results for your web pages, then it is necessary for you to avail the best SEO services Mumbai. Before dealing with the service provider, you need to check the previous works and reviews of the company. Make sure that your investments for SEO are in a safe hand.