Ways to Trade Your Old Phone Profitably

As a rule, a modern person changes phones approximately two times a year. The question arises: what should I do with an old phone? Should I trade my phone or save as a memory?
The easiest way out seems to simply be to put a used gadget in a trash can. However, there is another scenario possible: to sell the old phone and purchase a new one.

Preparation for sale.
The first thing you need to decide is how much you are willing to get for your device and how much the potential buyer will want to pay you. This will be affected by two factors: the number of similar offers on the market and the state of your device. To do this, you need to see all the offers (city stores and sites with ads for sale) with the same type of devices in your area and determine the average price.
After that, you should assess the condition and completeness of your device (usually it takes 5 to 15 minutes). Here you can use any advantage of your device:

1. Presence of a shopping package with documents for the device. This item is one of the most important and makes up about 30-40% of the resale price. So this is the main and only evidence of the non-criminal origin of your device.
2. Stored complete set: instruction, charger, flash card, spare pockets, etc. In general, everything that was in the box when you first unpacked it.
3. Cases, additional batteries, more capacious and high-speed USB flash drives. There is no point in saving and storing these things if they are not universal and you will not be able to use them in the future. There are two options possible: either include the cost of them in the total price, or give it away as a gift in addition to your phone.
4. Check you device on scratches and other imperfections that can reduce the price of the phone. Check how you can change the situation avoiding high costs.

Placing the ad.
The most boring moment as all that you can do at this stage is to wait patiently and actively offer your goods.
1. Take one photo of your device so the buyer will be able to see the device itself, the shopping package and the sales kit (charger, cords, etc.).
2. Place an advertisement on sale on the site of ads, on social networks, describe in detail all the advantages of your product, try to keep it no more than 5-7 lines as a potential buyer looks through dozens of ads every day and will not pay attention to a longread.

The moment of sale.
When a real customer appears, make an appointment and decide where you will meet and make a deal. The easiest way is to send the device by mail.
If you decide to trade your phone, it is worth checking out the cell phones prices to sell your device profitably and save your precious time.